Vinyasa Yoga (Flow): Strengthen the union between your mind, your breath and your body with a fluid Vinyasa Yoga practice. Sequenced postures, combined with focused motion and natural, deliberate breath are a catalyst for inner and outer evolution. This "Flow" practice builds balance, stamina and flexibility while steadying and sharpening the mind. Vinyasa Yoga is a perfect complement to your Pilates practice.

PIYO (Fusion): The best of both worlds, PIYO blends essential exercises from both Pilates and Yoga into one practice. Focusing on breathing from your center, aligning your postures and strengthening yo

ur core, this practice efficiently develops a body with grace, balance, strength and control. Inherent to the PIYO practice is the actualization of tension release, healing awareness and mind/body connectedness.

Massage (Relax)
Restore healthy tissue and ensure the flow of energy through the soft tissues of the body while experiencing a deep relaxation. By applying structured pressure, tension, motion and vibration to the body, muscles are lengthened and relaxed, toxins are released and circulation is promoted. The result is the accelerated, natural repair of tissue. Healthy tissue restores balance to the body. More

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